GVTC Board of Directors Nominations Notice


2017 GVTC Board of Directors Nominations Notice

Current GVTC members who wish to be considered by the GVTC Nominating Committee as a candidate for a GVTC board position should submit their contact information to nominatingcommittee@gvtc.net.  Those members submitting information will be contacted, and additional information will be required.  Note that GVTC directors serve 3- year terms. There are 5 director terms set to expire in 2017 in the following Districts: 1 in District 1; 2 in District 2; 1 in District 3; and 1 in District 5.  Members must reside within the District they wish to serve.  A map of the Districts may be found on the GVTC website at www.gvtc.com/districtmap. Please note that all information must be submitted prior to April 14, 2017.